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by Krzysztof Kraus

If you don’t want to pay for LiveChat subscription with the use of your credit card, consider doing it with the use of a virtual one . You can create your virtual card in just a few minutes , and pay for LiveChat via bank transfer – no credit card required .

consider doing it with the use of a virtual one just a few minutes no credit card required

We prepared a short tutorial on how to sign up for Entropay , a service that allows you to create your virtual card . See how easy it is to sign up and top up your card!

Entropay virtual card Sign up for Entropay Sign up for Entropay Business Account Top up your Entropay Card Sign up registration form USD ($) as your currency Create Account. Create Card

Done! Now your Entropay account is ready to use . All that is left now is to top up your Entropay Card. After doing that, you will be able to use it to pay for your LiveChat subscription.

ready to use top up Entropay Purchasing Account. Start now!

Done! Now your Entropay Purchasing account is up and running . All that you have to do is to increase the limits of your business account.

up and running increase the limits

To do that, click here and follow the article, provided directly by Entropay.

click here
When topping up your card via bank transfer, Entropay charges 1.95% from the transaction . For example, if you transfer $10, a fee of about $0.19 will be deducted and about $9.81 will be credited to your virtual card . When using Entropay as your payment method, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We will give you a discount that will cover the 1.95% Entropay’s fee.
Top Up Card Wallet Add money to wallet Bank Account Details use those details to transfer funds
It may take from 2 to 7 business days for the funds to reach Entropay account. Don’t hesitate to let us know about the transfer – we can extend your account until the funds reach your Virtual Card.
LiveChat subscription

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“We act as though comfort and luxury were the chief requirements of life, when all that we need to make us happy is something to be enthusiastic about.” – Einstein

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before.

Ryan has decided to learn Spanish. He downloads Michel Thomas’s tapes, buys a book on How Much Cheap Price Valentino Cutout dOrsay Pumps Where Can I Order Many Kinds Of Buy Cheap Find Great Outlet Best Seller rYU6MqDphB
, signs up for Duolingo, installs Anki, and gets to work.

In the beginning, he’s flying. He learns hundreds of words, gets the basic grammatical structures down, he even signs up for iTalki and has some conversations with natives. He’s on top of the world, confident that he’ll be speaking fluently with his Latin American friends in no time.

Two weeks in, his progress begins to slow. The gains aren’t as easy now. He has to spend as much time on reviewing the words he’s learned as on picking up new ones. The Duolingo exercises don’t feel as broadly relevant. The Michel Thomas tapes have gotten into narrow specifics around past participles and por vs. para rules. His progress slows. The high he felt at the beginning has worn off and it’s becoming a slog to learn the material. After another two weeks, it’s become such a slog that he starts missing days of practice. A week later, he has stopped entirely.

What started as a fast-paced, frenzied, exciting project hit what Seth Godin calls “ The Dip ”:

“The Dip is the long stretch between beginner’s luck and real accomplishment. The Dip is the set of artificial screens set up to keep people like you out… Extraordinary benefits accrue to the tiny minority of people who are able to push just a tiny bit longer than most.”

The Dip is not a new idea. Startup founders have known about it for ages, as what Lesley platform sandals Free Shipping Limited Edition iF5RkU9d
and Paul Graham call the “Trough of Sorrow”:

Tim Ferriss wrote about a similar curve in The 4-Hour Chef to describe his progress learning languages:

There’s a pattern here. Across language learning, company building, and any kind of creative project, there is a dip. A long period of low motivation, little excitement, and unrewarding challenges. Most people quit during the dip. But if you can manage to not quit, you can make it to the end and reap the rewards.

Discussions of The Dip leave out an equally challenging piece, though: The Start. People like Seth Godin, Tim Ferriss, and Y Combinator alums have no problem with The Start, so it gets overlooked. But The Start is a much bigger problem since you can’t reach The Dip if you don’t get through The Start, and many more people fantasize about doing something than actually do it and give up.

Fig. 2.

Effect of a repetitive stress paradigm on endocannabinoid (eCB) signalling at GABA synapses in the PVN. (A) Normal function of activity-dependent eCB signalling. Postsynaptic depolarization (20 mV, 5 s) causes an influx of calcium, and subsequent eCB production. eCBs act retrogradely on cannabinoid type-1 receptor (CB1R)-containing PNCs to inhibit GABA release in naive animals. GABAR, GABA receptor. (B) Five days of repetitive homotypic stress causes functional downregulation of presynaptic CB1Rs, resulting in diminished depolarization-induced suppression of inhibition (DSI) expression.

Ongoing synaptic activity is necessary for appropriate functioning of CB1Rs, and the efficacy of eCB-mediated inhibition of glutamate and GABA release is largely modulated by both presynaptic and postsynaptic activity. Postsynaptic activity level, experimentally controlled by the duration and magnitude of the depolarizing step used to elicit DSI, greatly influences eCB production and release ( Karim sandals Clearance Store Browse FyASE2s
). Studies suggest that CB1R activation enhances specific K + conductances to reduce neurotransmitter release ( Kirby et al., 2000 ) while the K + channel blocker 4-AP abolishes DSI through a presynaptic mechanism ( Varma et al., 2002 ). 4-AP increases the magnitude and duration of the terminal depolarization, increasing Ca 2+ influx and enhancing eIPSC amplitude. Subsequently, the DSI-associated reduction in Ca 2+ influx is probably overwhelmed by a saturation of the release process. The necessity of synaptic activity for CB1R function is further supported by evidence that presynaptic activity state plays a role in the regulation of eCB inhibition of GABA release. Increasing presynaptic firing rates in the hippocampus can recover inhibition of GABA release induced by a CB1R agonist, in an N-type Ca 2+ channel-dependent fashion ( Földy et al., 2006 ). These findings that CB1Rs are subject to modulation by synaptic activity might provide insights into how CB1Rs recover after stress.

Over a period of days following the final stressor, this retrograde system passively recovers to pre-stress activity levels in a time-dependent manner ( Wamsteeker et al., 2010 ). Further, evidence has been put forward for the ability of exercise to re-set CB1R sensitivity in the striatum following stress, accompanied by resistance to measured behavioural consequences of stress ( De Chiara et al., 2010 ). eCBs clearly play a fundamental role in regulating basal and acute stress-induced HPA inhibition at synapses in the PVN; however, repetitive stress impairs their ability to influence neurotransmitter signalling at PNCs. It will be interesting to determine whether eCB signalling can be rapidly recovered in the PVN and the conditions under which this may occur.


A Little ‘Too Smart’ Toys

Posted on Jan 3, 2018 by Clearance Get Authentic Free Shipping Pick A Best Roger Vivier Leather Roundtoe Flats Geniue Stockist Online TUbTpa9T35

I hope everyone had a merry and fun-filled holiday. A week ago, I’m sure millions of kids awoke to find all kinds of goodies under their Christmas trees. I’m sure there were classic toys like dolls and footballs. There were probably even good old-fashioned dangerous toys, like the official Red Ryder, carbine action, 200-shot, range model air rifle, with a compass in the stock and the thing that tells time, that could shoot a kid’s eye out.

But I’m sure there were plenty of new techy toys, too. I’m betting kids got video games, tablets, smart phones, smart TVs, smart watches and even smart toys. Unfortunately, when it comes to smart toys, some of us parents might feel pretty dumb, especially after learning they can be far more dangerous than BB guns.

Earlier this year, the FBI actually issued an alert about how smart toys that connect to the internet can present huge privacy concerns for children – especially those with microphones, cameras and GPS. The alert warned that smart toys are “increasingly incorporating technologies that learn and tailor their behaviors based on user interactions.”

Some of these toys store personal information on the cloud, such as a child’s voice or image, or data like names, email and home addresses. As a result, this information is prone to be hacked. Unlike computers, tablets and phones that are constantly downloading updates to guard against unauthorized access, many smart toys are rarely updated. If the toy has a GPS, hackers not only can find out your child’s name and what they look and sound like, but they can track the toy’s location as well.

Not only can hackers get a glimpse into our personal lives, but the toy manufacturers can, too. Earlier this year I wrote about several advocacy groups that jointly filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission against two specific products made by Genesis Toys: My Friend Cayla and i-Que Intelligence Robot. The complaint alleged that the toys “unfairly and deceptively collect, use, and share audio files of children’s voices without providing adequate notice or obtaining verified parental consent.”

The FTC implemented the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule (“COPPA”), which requires operators of websites or online services that have actual knowledge that they are collecting personal information online from children under 13 years of age to first obtain their parents’ consent. However, in the excitement of setting up the toy, many parents unwittingly give such consent.

So this holiday season several consumer watchdog organizations advised parents to examine the toy’s privacy settings and make sure it’s made by a responsible manufacturer. To help, the FTC approved multiple organizations to certify smart toys. These include: Aristotle International Inc., Children’s Advertising Review Unit, Entertainment Software Rating Board, iKeepSafe, kidSAFE, Privacy Vaults Online, Inc., and TRUSTe.

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